Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time Flies

I've been mocked Round it goes where it stops nobody knows! Time is what we can never have enough of and when we are having fun we don't know where it went to. I'll admit I don't have the best time management when it comes to working on my projects, because it is always "One more minute". I could keep going, sigh someday I will get it down.
This little project might not help me mange but it is a cute way to tell the time.
I had most everything on hand but here is a list of supplies
•10 inch embroidery hoop
•clock mechanism
• 12 assorted or matching buttons
• coordinating fabric
•cardboard or foam board
•needle and thread
•quilt batting

First, take your embroidery hoop and trace it on your cardboard. When you cut this out you need to cut 1/2 inside of your line. You will be making this in layers. Take your coordinating fabric and quilt batting place it in the hoop. Now you can apply your "numbers" aka buttons in place. To have even spacing I first did 12,3,6 and 9; fill in the remaining numbers accordingly.Now you need to make a hole in the center of your fabric and cardboard so you will be able to insert your mechanism. There will be directions for the clock mechanism on how to take apart & to place it in. Insert through all layers, push in your remaining fabric for a clean edge. Great thing about the hoops the tightening clamp makes for a good hook for hanging.
Tick-tock now you have a clock, Happy creating!

 *Note: I did my first link party from SIMACB I've been mocked

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