Monday, August 27, 2012

Basket case

What a weekend, the hubs surprised me with a night away at a themed hotel near us. It wasn't quite what we expected but the overall time we spent together was great, sort of our last hurray before we start working on our new home.
   After we came home I set to work on today's tutorial a fabric wrapped basket. So I discovered one that we had used in our wedding, it will become a resting place for my shears and such in the craft area.
Before: I didn't care for the white wash on this so I was a perfect candidate for revamping
 This was a fairly small basket compared to some so I didn't need alot of fabric for it, I had this awesome plaid that ended up being just enough to cover it all. You will also need foam board or cardboard, either works great along with your trusty glue gun, this is a no sew project.
Trace bottom of the basket

You'll want the inside piece to be a little loose, when you add the fabric it'll fit snug.

If you wanted to, do an ironed pleat before you start gluing it would make an awesome affect once finished. I didn't really have a rhyme or reason to my method I just wanted it covered as best as I could. My mom actually taught me how to do this, I also could have put a lid on it picnic basket style but I wanted it open.
Your fabric should be at least 2x as big, do a dry test before gluing

glue the 4 corners first then stretch/fit as you go

Here's what it'll look like after wrapped now for the inside base

Wrap/glue your cut board in fabric and glue to the inside of the basket

I couldn't leave the handle just blah so I wrapped it as well, gluing as I went

I finished it off with a scrappy flower, How's she look?

   I was so ecstatic with how it turned out and I love love this fabric as well. It makes a wonderful spot too keep the shears in reach and it's quite stylish too. You can use this method covering multiple sizes of baskets, I don't recommend this for any outside use though. You just may have the recent garage sale find that needs a little TLC laying around.
  I hope this leaves you with a new outlook on different things you could do to a basket. Later this week I will show you what I've done with glass jars don't throw them out, always great for a rainy day project. See you then.

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