Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The jars have it

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone's week has had a great beginning and you are getting lots done. I have been impatiently waiting for good news on our house and maybe a new little one entering our family. I have been more distracted than normal. I have so many things I'd love to make just not the resources so I could. I have given myself a goal of a crafty wish list things I'd like to make. In no particular order they are as follows

  • Fabric banner
  • Christmas wreath
  • kids craft
  • concrete stepping stone
  • antique redo under $10
  • Electrical spool turned chair
  • finish my quilt 
 I have tried to rack my brain to come up with ideas that no one has seen, which is hard because lots of awesome DIYer's already have. So I will work with what I know for the time being as I evolve my own crafty niche. If you have any suggestions let me know I am always wanting to try something new.

So onto today's craft, I love jars I have a collection of new-old styles that I decorated my kitchen with, I sadly do not have a pic at this time to share. Lately I have been saving all spaghetti jars, pickle jars and even artichoke jars. I've started using as storage in my craft space, but it will not do having them plain.
I have drip painted one upside down and gave it a handle, button loved another it holds my glue sticks. Another hugs a small amount of my large button collection, I have one that holds my retired spools that have yet to be dedicated to anything yet. I had a new one that I decided to make into a light glob for Halloween. Whew jars galore and I am still looking for ideas of things to do with them.

What you need for this little tut is a jar, muslin or cream fabric strips torn, modge podge and an image you want to use. I wanted something halloweeny so I choice a witch hat.
This is all really easy only takes a little while to assemble and dry.
Take your strips any size apply glue to the jar and on top of the strip itself. Wrap till covered completely, it took 30 minutes or so to dry completely. During that time I free handed the image I wanted with permanent marker to a 3x5 inch square.

 I changed the date per Wikipedia that told me the start of the gruesome tales of the Salem witch trials. So after the muslin was dried I applied the image the same way as the strips. I covered the top with jute twine to finish it off. It was very simple and could be done with other materials scrapbook paper etc.

I'm still learning everyday little more about photography.I wasn't sure how to take "a in the dark photo" so I just went for it, turned out better than I expected. I can't wait to decorate with the little gem in our new home. What have you made a jar into before?

Have a great day, happy creating!

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