Thursday, August 16, 2012

Part 2: DIY pillow mattress

Whew I managed to get one last photo of the finished result before my camera informed me it was exhausted and promptly shut itself off, how rude. Anywho I was able finish the tutorial while the kiddos were napping, go me! So on with the show...

As discussed your supplies needed are as follows 4 standard pillows, king size flat sheet though a queen would do, matching thread. I wanted to personalize this for my son so I picked up some fishy fabric to applique his name along with the fusible web.

I booted up my word so I could get a transfer of Jaces name. Reminder for newbies: You must do the name in reverse in order for it to be read correctly when finished.

I like to leave my paper on the the fabric as I cut out easier to move around with the scissors. I also cut out two fishes to go along with his name.I like this heat-bond well enought just needs a little more heat time but it does remove from the fabric with little effort. I normally get by the yard. I almost forget to put this on once I got started.

isn't it so cute?

So I laid the pillows out so I could figure out measurements. The pillows measure 20 x 26, so I cut the length of the doubled in half sheet to 83. That gave me room for the pillows themselves and 1/2 inch seams topp/bottom. To save myself time I tried to use the manufactured seams on one side less work quicker result. I made a 3 inch pocket on one side secured with pins using my handy straight guide and ironed it.

So after to fix your hems nice and pretty, sew the top/bottom edges. Now you'll just have a large pocket with a small one on the edge. Turn it all around so your rough seams are now inside. Now you  measure starting at one end measure 20.5 a total of 3 times. These will be the pockets your pillows will sit. Working with large portions of fabric can be a pain, I recommend having a large work around preferably with hardwood floor easier to cut on.

Before you sew pillow pocket finish any appliques is desired
I lucked out and had a wonderfully burnt orange thread to sew this all it blended well.

Tada, I was so happy with this I tried it out. Almost fell asleep too. I have a feeling some other little ones in my family may be getting these as well. I can't wait to give this to my son he will love it and the fishy's. When the day comes I will be sure to tell everyone about it. I hope everyone has a stellar weekend and happy creating!

*Finished measurements are 82.5 length and 53 wide. Seams are 1/2 rolled and ironed.


  1. Turned out cute! I'm thinking these would be nice for when company comes and my girls have to give up their bed or when they get bigger and start going to sleepovers. Thanks for the tute ;0)

  2. Absolutely brilliant idea!! Must think about it...:)

  3. Thank you for stopping by if you happen to give it a try I'd love to see how yours turns out.

  4. How much the cost of this pillow mattress? Because i want to try it. Thank you so much for letting us know this one. Keep on sharing! By the way, do you want more Sleepys? Find more here.

    1. Hello so awesome you found it useful. I purchased 4 pillow during the back to school sales the cost was around $3.50 a piece at walmart

  5. You must do the name in reverse in order for it to be read correctly when finished.

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