Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's getting cozy

Today was back to school for my daughter, she went right into class without looking back. One more year and then to kindergarten, which she is very excited about. My son and I had some one on one, we did some shopping for his upcoming birthday. Jace likes to fight over his sisters' foam princess couch, that gave me the perfect idea. I came across a pillow mattress on pinterest awhile back then No Rest for the Creative  took the pattern down which was understandable it is becoming a pattern you can purchase. But I've found another similar that used a twin duvet cover from Ikea, I guess I'm behind I have never been to Ikea and I have no idea where to find one near me.

  So in the next few days I will have a tutorial and some pictures for you. I plan to use a king flat sheet, we never use ours unless it's making a fort with the kids. I picked up 4 standard pillows @ 2.50 back to school from my local Walmart.

Hope you come back to see my progress and the finished result, Happy creating!

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