Friday, August 24, 2012

Harvest the fall

Oh the cooler weather was a tease, I want it back. Now it's toasty out, oh well fall will make is come back soon...I hope. So after testing out the witchy woman I had the itch to make a prim pumpkin, I've seen several pictures and set out to make one of my own so here is a tutorial for you.

First cut out your pattern with light colored muslin or canvas from the pattern.
Primitive Pumpkin Pattern

Sew 1/4 inch seam on each petal, lay one on top of the other to sew.

Leave a 1/2 inch gap at the top for your stem and stuff till satisified
Cut foam/cardboard for inner foundation piece and felt for the other, glue together then stitch onto bottom.
After the bottom is stitched here is what it should look like, using small branch or dowel rod insert and glue.
Use a running stitch to close the opening around the stem.

Now you can grunge it up, I used a 1:1 water acrylic paint, cover with orange and let dry. After dried I made a coffee stain. Instant coffee and a little water make an awesome vintage look. I left some open areas from the orange so it would seep deeper in the fabric giving the worn look. Once dried I sanded some edges, added jute twine to give the indention's wrapping like a present then burlap covers the bottom. There are so many ways to decorate one of these adding leaves, raffia or faux flowers even.

I adore anything prim it's so real to me, others may see it differently though. I really enjoyed making this and plan on making a whole little family. Hope everyone had a fab week and you have an even better weekend, If you decided to try this out I'd love to see the result. Toodles and Happy creating!

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