Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loving is the best kind

   Today I am celebrating 8 years of shackle-ness with my husband.We have been together 10 years, each year has just seemed like yesterday. We have our fair share of ups and downs, but we always come back together. It's really the hardest but best thing I've ever been apart of in my life. Loving him is always been the best medicine for me. The key is never giving up and always trying to do your best.
  I am definitely a gift giver, since I regained my craft bug 2 years ago I love to make something instead of just buying something. I now always try to make sure it is something that person can use. My dear husband falls into the category of "Don't want anything" but I can never just consent to stop trying to out due myself. I have come to figure out he really does like the hand-made sentiments though.
  I did a little recon and came across several ideas. I found one corny idea that I knew would be easy and he would love it.

This is so cute I couldn't pass the opportunity to give it a try. There are several items someone may just have lying around at home. Here are the directions. The great thing I like the most is I can change out the scrapbook paper for a different look anytime I want.
 I couldn't stop just there I came across pictures of different types of his/hers pillowcases and thought it was fitting to go along with the spoon frame. Lips and mustache, so cute and I can't wait to see what he thinks about them.

   I purchased two king sized pillows ,I didn't have white ones at home so i got these. I free handed the designs and then transferred them on for fusible web following the instructions I then sewed around the edges to give further structure so the appliques would stay in place. NOTE: I used a blanket stitch on both but I machine stitched the stache and hand embroidered the lips so I could see the difference of which would last longer or look best. Hand-embroidery won. After I got them stitched I finished with the his/hers lettering and washed them again to soften up the appliques so they wouldn't be rough to lie on.

   I did also leave him something special in is car this morning, he had to POP a memory, I filled 8 balloons each with a memory that he had to open. I hope this may inspire all those couples out there, I think the time someone puts in instead of money will always reap the best rewards.

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