Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is here.....well kinda we've gotten to see glimpses of it the last few days and I've been enjoying working outside. I went to a green house got some flowers and gardening supplies. I've jut been itching to put my junkin pieces to work.

I use the mailbox to keep my tools and gloves in when not in use.

I was so excited when I found the metal suitcase, I sprayed the bottom interior with spray sealer keep water from molding the padding.

My favorie pieces old apple butter kettle, ladder and rusty wheelbarrow.

This old sink came from our new home when we remodeled rather than throw away its a pretty planter.

I never miss an opportunity to look for some rusty materials, with garage sale season upon us you never know what you'll find.

Location:Gardening fun with junk!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clean it up

Greetings and salutations! Today I'm cleaning (gasp) being a stay at home somedays is a never ending cleaning marathon but even I have lazy days. Though I'd rather be making something it's important for me to take the time to keep things tidy. Spring is slowly trying to creep into mid-mo and the spring bug has found it's way to me. I decided months ago before we moved into our new home I would start cutting cost by making my own cleaning products. That's crafty right?
I've decided to share the recipes I most like and why. After research I found that most cleaners are 50% water, thanks to Pinterest I viewed many recipes that I could use. My favorites that I mentioned from 2012 are fromLittle miss rob I adore the cure all solution I use it to clean counters, cabinets, bathrooms and baseboards. It has a little chemically smell due to the small amount of ammonia used. My main objective to homemade cleaners....COST I spent one time grocery trip to stock up on supplies around $10 which has given me oodles of refills so far. I also use the blessing in a bottle which is dawn dish soap and vinegar this is glorious for stuck on foods and the ring around the tub.
I've tried two different recipes for DIY dish detergent my favorite so far is,Recipe I have found similar ones but the borax mixtures tends to clump if measured incorrectly. I have yet to try the dust spray made with olive oil, which will come soon.
I've enjoyed finding what works best and seeing what results I can get which are not so different than store bought mixtures. Maybe I've converted you and you'll give it a try before buying of the shelves next time. Hope your spring is finding well and rested, until next time.