Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cool School

It's that time of year for new shoes, sharpened pencils and colorful backpacks. I hope everyone is ready after hitting the good deals and stocking away for this years' projects. I was commissioned from my daughters pre-k teacher to make some chair bags similar to this. She had one for me to pattern off of that another teacher had. She just asked that it have a double pocket. The chair bag is great organization for the younger ones and it keeps things out of reach when they need to pay attention. This patten has a finished size of 11 1/2 L and 14 1/2 W fits a child's size chair back.
*Disclaimer: I do not own the above picture, it is an example only. But the below DIY pattern was composed by yours truly. After I made a few I decided to make up a pattern for anyone else. This pattern would be easily adaptable for larger chairs. I may even make one for my craft chair. Supplies: piece of fabric measuring 33L by 15 1/2 W another piece that measures (small pocket)7L by 15 1/2 W coordinating thread Seam allowance on the hem total 1/2- fold at 1/4 and again for a clean edge(If you have a serger it would be save some time)
I ironed/pressed all edges before I sewed I was able to use the pressed lines as a guide later. Next I started on making the main piece that goes over the chair and creates the larger pocket.
You will fold over creating a pocket that will measure 11 1/2 inches. See above picture. Then you will fold the remaining fabric up this large pocket will be 9 inches.
Press the folds so you have a guide line later or pin in place. Since I was using a canvas once it was pressed it had a nice clean line to follow. On to the small packet, you need to hem this with 1/4 inch rolled and pressed it will measure 6 inches finished.
I have this nefty little helper for seams. A Straight folding template from The Scientific Seamstress.
It is a tremendous help and I use it constantly. So a this point you can lay everything out to ensure everything meets up and you can pin anything in place.
I used 1/4 to stitch the smaller pocket into place. After the edges are sewn and the small pocket is in place you will, turn the back of your big pocket inside out so you can so it, making a sandwich withe the bottom edge open.
Sew 1/2 inch seams, double stitch at the top/bottom to ensure tight hold. Turn it inside out and iron flat.
I didn't have a chair to test these out on but as soon as I get a photo, I will let you see. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know. Happy Creating!

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