Friday, August 31, 2012

Yeah it's Friday

  What a week, it's been a long exhausting one as that. We received news that we are going to be able to close on our forever home today! I can't wait to fill it with all my pinterest finds and create so many memories with our little family. After we sign I may not be posting as often, we have lots of renovations to do before we move in. I do have lots in the works to share though so I will get them as much as I can.
  Did anyone see the link party? It was my very first one, I had no idea what it meant so I just gave it a whirl and was chosen. So I married a craft blogger started not long ago to give the male perceptive on craft blogging, he is truthful and doesn't hold back on his opinion. Makes me wonder what my husband thinks about the things I make but he never really says. You can find the link on the Time Flies post if you would like to check his blog.
 So since my daughter was born I have always been an early bird when it comes to holidays, I tend to get a tad bit excited. I have started working on the kids costumes, Jenesis mentioned she wanted to be a bat. Once she decided there was no going back, I then set out to figure a matching one for her brother when she said the he should be batman. I thought it would work cute together and may be the only time I can get them to have coordinating outfits for Halloween. So I will have a tutorial of what I've come up with sometime in September so be sure to have an eye out for it. Any-who I am set off to have a wonderful day and I hope everyone does as well, Happy crafting!

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