Monday, August 20, 2012

Feeling Witchy

   I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. It's getting colder, I feel the chill and all those fall lovies are creeping in on me. Apple spice, pumpkins, hay rides, Halloween I am looking forward to the changes that are coming for the year and in my personal life. We are in the process of buying our forever home, I'm ready to get back to us. I am forever great full my mother in law has allowed us to invade her peace and quiet. Things are moving along and come next month we will be homeowners again, and I can create all those fantastic home ideas I have pinned ( jumping for joy and rubs hands together victoriously).
   I picked up this awesome magazine called Create & Decorate:Decorate primitive crafts. If you head over to check it out they do have a few free downloads. But you'd have to get the magazine to see the full tutorial on this gorgeous lady. Oh my, I've gone to heaven the patterns in that beauty had me drooling let me tell ya. I dog eared several I'd like to try out for fall, the first one that caught my eye was the Witchy woman. I decided to give her a whirl.
  I've made like two other stuffies before and I'm still practicing my ladder stitch. Practice makes perfect, I have been busy making creations for others I needed to take sometime to myself and create just for me.This witch was fun longest part for me was getting her to dry so I could do the next step, I've never painted on muslin before but I enjoyed this so much. Here was Gerdy as she was drying, I named her thought it fit well.I think I like the coffee stain over tea stain, seams to work faster and it has a pleasant aroma.

 Gerdy's pattern didn't call for a broom but what witch is complete with out her clean ride. I got together raffia, uncoated wire, and a stick. Yep, a stick from the backyard. I cut the stick about 12 inches, plugged in my trusty glue gun, and glued 6 inch bundle of raffia to the end of it. Then wrapped two strands of wire around. Viola' and you have a spiffy broom fit for well witch. Gerdy is intend to hang on the door, I'll integrate the broom somehow.


So here she is folks, I'll primed and ready for her grand entrance. I can't wait to display her, until now I think she'll hang out with me. Not sure what I'll tackle next I do have a quilt I haven't been very motivated to work on, I'm so afraid I will mess it up so I kind of just stopped working on it. It's my first quilt and it's a king sized to boot. I may have bit off more than I can chew. Alas I will probably work on it next and let you see the progress. But first I desperately need to clean and organize my craft area it doubles as a play room, not very effective until we get into our new home it will have to do. That's about it for today, I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your week and happy creating!

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