About Me

Hello to all

  My name is Stephanie and I write Just Craftin' a blog about my crafty adventures that I love to share with others.  I became a stay at home mom in 2007 after the birth of my daughter, before that I worked at hair salons.  I have always had a love of crafting, I used to make my barbies outfits out of shirt sleeves. My mom shared the bug with me and as I grew up I found I had it also.
  I wanted a way to share with others how easy it is to craft without spending a lot and learning to share it with others. My kids are my guinea pigs and are always up for trying things out, well...at least my daughter is my son hasn't gotten that memo yet.
 As I take you along for the ride feel free to leave a comment or if you try something out I would love to see your version. I hope you find Just Craftin' informative and so interesting it may spark the creative spirit in you.

happy creating!

Random Facts: 
My favorite color is red
I adore primitive home decor
I love spinach
I enjoy dollar crafts and upcycling decor
I don't like the dark
I love to read
Married 10 years & counting of mutual weirdness with my high school sweetie

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