Sunday, July 29, 2012


Lately we have been cutting back to save up for our new home, and I still love to craft but am trying to find creative ways to do so without spending gobs of money. I was given this screen.
 I just knew I could turn into something cool, My husband and I's 8 year anniversary is coming up and I thought I could make something for us this time. Only problem I had was that the screen has a tear in it, so I found myself a pair of my dh's electrical scissors and cut a heart which just so happens to be directly in the center of the screen.

 I didn't want to through the piece I cut out cause of course I intended on finding a place for it as decor. Waste not what not and all that. This screen had such as awseome age I decided not to do anything to it except put a clear coat on after I was all done.
 I cut a J and S from cardboard, I wanted to do a void of out first name initials I did not tape them down just put them where I wanted to have the letter and sprayed white spray paint. It is so hot and humid here that the paint dried in minutes.

 I had these laying around so that is what I used for the color and I liked the simpleness of it.
Here is the finished result, I used the heart that was cut out to embellish 2 sides along with some lace I had.

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