Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Picasso's

Another hot day in central MO, I believe we all could use a little reprieve from this scorching heat. My kids are desperate to play outside but the weather just isn't cool enough for it. I love crafting with my kids, watching them try to figure what they think looks best. My only problem when they are finished I never know where to put them, the fridge is always over flowing. So I found a way to display them. Do you have a blank wall in your kitchen/living area? Is it just crying out for a little color, well here is a perfect thing just for it.

I plan to get a vinyl decal that says "Every child is an Artist"

Here is how to make this, you just may have all the supplies on hand.


 Clothespins, acrylic paint, ribbon, twine and embellishments.
I used rainbow colors to keep both my kiddies happy. The choices are endless, you could even let the kids chose what colors and how to decorate them. It's so easy! You can replenish the art work with new whenever it gets to heavy. Ours started sagging, my daughter decided to fill it up as fast as possible.
Happy creating.

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