Sunday, July 29, 2012


     Recently I have been getting into hand embroidery mainly because I don't have the funds to get an embroidery machine. I come across projects from time to time that rrequire hand stitching. I came across the below photo and thought it fit perfectly into my life situation at the moment and I need to give myself a reminder. What better than a pillow something I'd use and see everyday. So I got to work.
   First I loaded the photo and enlarged it to a 8x10 in my printers settings, printed it in color. Then I needed to transfer it to my chosen fabric. I chose a 100% broad cloth for the cream,brick red color, I got about 1/2 yard each washed and dried them before I got started. Since I thought the tag needed a string, I went to the by the yard trimmings and purchased one yard of a 100% braided flat rope. I didn't wash since I only tend t spot clean only once the pillow was complete.
   To transfer I taped the 8x10 I printed out onto the window and then took my cream, taped that as well then with a washable transfer pencil, got all the details I wanted.
    I should make myself a light box, I came across an idea on You basically use a long flat clear storage container then place plugged in Christmas lights inside, you have an instant light box.
 Then I hand embroidered this, to learn I had picked up an embroidery book at my library that helped me learn some new stitches and practice my old ones I vaguely remembered. I just kept going using colors I thought stood out the best.
   I judged off a pillow I already had then add 1/2 for outside seam allowances. I prepared the front and back of the pieces with 1/4 allowance, ironed flat.
   I used a fusible web on the back of 100% dark brown that I had at home, I didn't apply this until I embroidered all of it first. Hand stitching the rope for the tag in to place I had the most fun with, I wanted to use the entire yard I had gotten because I didn't believe I would have a use for leftovers.
   I finished it up and was so happy with the outcome I haven't set it out to use yet. Eventually I will find it a home but it will most likely be where little fingers can not find it.

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