Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mom's for Blogs


What is the Mommy Blogger Scholarship Program?

   This is an annual scholarship program that was designed for moms that need assistance starting their first blog and moms whom already have a blog, but need help taking it to the next level. The scholarship is funded by Influenced Media, LLC, the owner and operator of this program. We also plan to offer blogging training programs for moms in the future.

   A scholarship for a blog, would be awesome! Not only would you have funding to better your blog but the opportunity for outreach is wonderful not everyday does that happen. I would love for any growing blog to receive this even better to see what is done from start to finish. How someone could grow something they have nourished would be an great thing to watch.

   I'm very thankful any form of community outreach for some that wouldn't normally have the chance to imagine such a thing. There are still are truly wonderful things in this world.

For more information on the program you can find it here


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