Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pinterest party!

Hello lovely people, I come baring gifts from all that is pinteresting. A pinterest party, what!?! Yes it's the newest phenomenon gracing the world. I feel in love with the electronic hoarding I have spent time on salivating over. Love pinterest? Want to share it with others? Grab your favorite people have each person bring a dish and plan some activities all pinterest inspired.
Rewind a bit, I found only lonely pin awhile back about all this, I would have never thought it up on my own. But finding info is sparse since it is such a new idea. Why not give it a try? I'll share with you what I came up with and decided what fits you best.

Decide party size, intimate gathering or large group for making new friends. Theme? Holiday, wine or chocolate? I went with generic bring whatever dish you please, my sister brought two, yum-o. By the time everyone brings one dish you'll have gobs of food. I made a Facebook event for my invites so fast, easy and keeps everyone informed on your gathering.
Next, on to activities this is where your bulk of time will be spent so choose wisely. I went with 3 crafts asking each guest to help with the supply budget which came to $5 a person. All of my crafts and recipes guests brought can be viewed on my pinterest party board.
Last of all but most important .....Have a Great time! There is no guideline make it your own and be sure to pass it on.

I made crush punch and raspberry iced tea, I went with a red theme in honor of pinterest colors.

Craft table already to go!

Here are my examples to show off- be sure to test out your activities.

Swag bags so your guests may take their goodies home at the end.

I labeled all the foods. The salsa was my contribution and it was so tasty.

I have already been prompted to have more parties and others wanting help I can't wait for the good times.

I hope the idea takes off and others are able to enjoy it too!

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